Ten Years of Perseverance Print
Saturday, 21 April 2012 22:40

“After ten years of perseverance, Allah (SWT) has given us


Feb 2001 Formation of the Pinelands Muslim Association.


May 2001 PMA makes application to purchase Erf 2980 but application rejected.

Feb 2005 City advertises sale of Erf 2980 by Public Tender.

Oct 2005 City resolves to sell Erf 2980 to the PMA for R 165 000
- officials demand payment of R 288 000.

Feb 2006 Agreement of sale conclude and PMA issues cheque.

Jan 2008 Title Deed confirming ownership received by the PMA.

Feb 2008 PMA submits building plans - City rejects on the basis that the zoning
of Erf 2980 had lapsed.

Jan 2009 City refuses rezoning until PMA removes “religious worship” from its
title deed - PMA refuses.

Aug 2010 PMA meets with Mayor - to no avail as City views “religious worship
and community activities” as “adverse conditions of title”.

Nov 2010 PMA launches a publicity campaign to solicit support.

Dec 2010 Mayor seeks meeting but officials insist removal of “religious” from title
deeds - PMA refuses.

Dec 2010 PMA launches High Court Application against the City to have Erf
2980 zoned “educational”.

Dec 2010 High Court orders, inter alia, that Erf 2980 be rezoned to education
use and that plans are considered by no later than 31 January 2011.

Dec 2010 Erf 2980 is rezoned to “educational use”.

Jun 2011 PMA building plans finally approved by the City.

Jun 2011 PMA launches plans and presents model at its Gala Dinner.