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Written by Abdol Malick Majiet   
Thursday, 10 May 2012 11:25

Ground Breaking Ceremony held on Sunday the 22 April 2012 coinciding with 30th Jamad Ul -Awwal 1433

This year we are fortunate enough to have attended the highly awaited Pinelands Muslim Association Trench Digging renamed as the Ground Breaking Ceremony held on Sunday the  22 April 2012 coinciding with the 30th Jamad Ul -Awwal 1433.
What an unforgettable experience!

Hundreds of Pictures can be viewed under Islamic Center Gallery !!!

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
As salaamu Alaykum Wa rahmatullahi Ta ‘Aala  Wabarakatu

Help you one another in AI Birr (righteousness in each and every act of obedience to Allah swt) and At-Taqwa~ (piety and virtue)" (Surah): AI Maidah: (5) verse (2)

All praise and thanks are due to Allah (SWT), who created man and jinn to worship Him, and peace and blessings upon the best of creations, our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

We are indeed blessed to have experienced the glorious ibadah of the Pinelands Ground Breaking Ceremony. We praise and thank Allah (SWT). Alghamdulillaa hi rabbil ‘aala meen.  May Allah (SWT) grant you and your family the Strength and Yaqeen to complete this blessed journey of completing the building of the Islamic Centre, Insha-Allah, and may you witness the opening thereof and take full advantage of this powerful journey that lies ahead.

The weather was perfect and our first guest started arriving from 10h15 enjoying a well prepared buffet breakfast. A few minutes later additional warm koeksisters flowed through the front door donated for the function.

Our Sheigh Muhammad Salaam officiated the proceeding by announcing the official start of the day’s proceedings and briefing the guests of the program for the day.
Sheigh Abduragmaan Salie commenced with the conclusion of a community read Ghatamal Quraan by starting to recite the last Juz. This Ghatam was unique in that families were offered the opportunity to read a Juz or more during the days leading up to the morning of the program.
There were a mixed blend of experience and youth of Ghufaath in reciting the Holy Quran and all chipped in with their melodious recitals. Even Sheigh Gamiet Gabier in all excitement, did his bit in the recital to get his share of barakah on this day.

A huge thank you to the many volunteers who were involved and brought us many experiences on this auspicious day.

The Ghufaath who lead and read the Quran. O Allah (SWT) we beseech Thee to let us grow used to the recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran. The young ghufaath has inspired us.
The Thaakireen, with their melodious voices bringing us all the Thikrs.
O Allah (SWT) let us taste the sweetness of remembrance and encourage us to give thanks to Thee.
The Ghafith, (Sh Abduragmaan Salie) who rendered the Qiraa signalling the official start. And we make duah that this journey of spiritual development will strengthen.
Buta Achmat, the chairperson of the PMA for his emotional official welcome address. He had us all in tears.
Riad Davids, the secretary of PMA, for so eloquently handling the role of MC.
Sheigh Omar Gabier gave us a short talk and naseegha. The elderly Sheigh threw a challenge our way, not to let the Masjid become a white elephant but to make it alive with the teaching of the deen.
Sheigh Ameerodien Du Toit praised the community for what they have achieved and the journey they about to embark on. He highlighted the significance of the achievement particularly against the socio-political inequalities that prevailed in Pinelands during the apartheid era.
Abdulnasir Adam concluded this part of the program with a vote of thanks.

May Allah (SWT) keep all our volunteers steadfast in His path.

We are honoured to have had the presence of our leaders among us, namely
Imam Kashief Bassadien
Imam of Maitland Masjid – Imam Ederies Mohammed
Imam of Garden Village Masjid - Imam Amien Schroeder
Imam of Langa Masjid - Imam Agmat Gjana
Imam of Habibia Masjid - Imam Goolam Parker
Imam of Thornton Masjid – Sheigh Gasant Kriel
Moulana Muhammad Lutta
Hafiz Fatgie Abrahams


The Journey to the vacant site

We then hopped onto the buses and were transferred to the vacant Islamic Centre site. This journey reminded many of the bus travel to Madinah. At the plot we were welcomed with the first Athaan for Thuhr salaah, rendered by Faiz Evans. Here we found the salaah areas for men and ladies, mats, gazebos, chairs all in place and set out.
Our sincere thanks go to Faizel Ahmed, his team and Abdur Razaq Lagkar for this great effort and missing out on the earlier part of the program.
Sheigh Muhammad Salaam lead the Thuhr salaah. Despite a washout by the previous night’s rainfall, the appointed builder, Sharief Amien, managed to set out the trenches of the Mighrab.
Whereafter Sheigh Ameerodien Du Toit did the honour of officiating the procedure. It was here that he moved us all with his inspiring talk emphasising the greatness of this ibaadah. We could see everyone was in awe and emotional to witness such a great event. Women and children all participated.

Around 2pm we all journeyed back to the Madrassah and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the caterers (Ashura), followed by the mouth-watering dessert graciously donated by the good women of Pinelands.

Throughout the day we could feel the tranquillity and Mercy of Allah (SWT).

Masjid Construction

Alghamdulillaa hi rabbil ‘aala meen, we have initiated the construction and are looking forward to the milestones in our journey and the biggest milestone …’the opening’. May Allah (SWT) bless us to witness this big event.

A big thank you to the builder and his workmen, architects, engineers, contractors, and all who were involved with the initiation of this project.

The response from our donors has been positive and we would like to thank them all for their steadfast support. We still have a long way to go in reaching the required amount to finish the entire construction. May Allah guide their businesses to be an on-going success, InshaAllah.

To our members, Riaz Jaffer, Hoosain Parker and many others who generously funded this event, may Allah reward them abundantly and be pleased with them, InshaAllah.

May Allah (SWT) richly reward you and your families in this world and the Hereafter, InshaAllah.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Buta Achmat Latief for his enormous contribution to the success of the affairs of the Pinelands Muslim Association.  He is a visionary leader who is focused and hard working and shows resilience in the face of setbacks.  We appreciate his outstanding leadership.

Some of our members and members’ family didn’t get to experience this event in 1433. We make duah that they are in a place that is much more beautiful and peaceful and that Allah grant them Janatul Firdose, Insha-Allah.

Here are a few comments received from our members.

Ahlan All

First and foremost all praise is due to Allah(SWT) for having blessed us with such a perfect day and for granting the PMA Exco the strength, hidayah and foresight to deliver so magnificently on such a momentous occasion.
Everything was inch perfect - from punctuality to choice of personality to performance to prayer to the thoughtfulness of providing buses for the guests.
What pleased us most was that the Exco had in their planning chosen the middle road - the road of our beloved Rasul (SAW). Every aspect was well attended to - from the welcoming delicacies to the seating for ladies to the number and appropriateness of Ulema invited to the provision of prayer mats and seating at the site to the lunch provided - everything was there yet it was never glitzy, "over the top" or ostentatious - in the true spirit of Islam and indeed a feather in the cap of the Exco.
Having endured 12 years of frustration and endless fights with council, Boeta Achmat's emotional catharsis was understandable and the dictum "sabrun jameel" neatly encapsulated the sheer joy and thrill he must have experienced at the realisation that his patience and perseverance had finally borne fruit - Algamdulillah. 

With such a sound foundation (pardon the pun!) laid, it now behoves the PMA membership to put shoulder to the wheel and realise the dream of establishing the House of Allah in the Pinelands precinct - Insha-Allah Ameen.
Aadil & Naa-ila Bassier.

From Razak

Well done to u guys . It has been coming for long ; but through the grace of an all knowing creator through our unity and strength the  PMA is becoming a strong and exemplary muslim community to many. Me and my family enjoy it immensely and please convey our sincerest thanks to all PMA exec; members and supporters in your meetings... I am glad I wholehearted supported all  your founding members re-election at the last AGM. Well done to u all that stuck it through !

Salaam all
It was very emotional.with the grace of Allah (SWT) everything went off as planned. Except that I would have loved to have more of our community present but will discuss that when we have our meeting Wednesday. We must ensure that we have everybody there. The event was a joint venture. I had a very moving and heart rendering call this morning that made me cry. I am crying too much lately. Riad, I am going to tell everybody about our emotional embrace on the site. We can only move forward in a unified manner to prove to the outside world that their and the MJC's perception of the PMA is correct. We can sometimes differ in our opinions but our love and fear for Allah (SWT) will guide us.
To the Exco shukran for your support and dedication. I feel we need a few more guys that are not boetas yet to put more energy in the organization.
Yours in Islam


The Holy Months Ahead

To all our Mutamereen returning from the Holy Land - Umrah makbool and mabroer.
The ship of Ramadaan is approaching. May this Ramadaan be your best ever. InshaAllah. Wishing you all a faithful holy month.