History of the PMA at a glance

Our journey starts way back in 2001

2001 18th Feb : At a public meeting held at the Pinelands High School attended by about 40 residents, the PMA is formed with H Achmat Latief elected as chairperson, Riad Davids as secretary and Nasir Adam as treasurer.
March : the Madrassa commences operating from Huis de Nederlanden
2002 21st April : first fund-raising effort is held
2006 3rd Feb : cheque for purchase of Erf 2980 handed over to the City of Cape Town
2009 battles with the City to get building plans approved
2010 Feb : the Madrassa moves to the Jamaat Khana in Millside Park, Morning side Road
Dec : the first Taraweegh & Eid Salaahs are held at the Jamaat Khana
2012 22nd April : the Ground-Breaking ceremony is held
16th May : construction of the Centre commences
2014 27th June : the first Jumuah is held at the Centre
28th June : the first Taraweegh takes place at the complex
28th July : the first Eidul-Fitr at the Centre is celebrated
2nd November : the official opening of the PIC takes place
2015 5th July : at the AGM, H Achmat Latief steps down as chairperson after 15 years at the helm and Kamaal Semaar is elected chairperson
2016 1st June : Sheikh Muhammad Salaam is officially appointed as the Imam Ratib
11th Dec : a Family Day is held
2017 Short course evening classes are introduced
4th March : the first OPEN DAY under the auspices of Discover Islam is held
2018 4th March : a Family Day is held
14th May : the pre-eminent scholar Sheikh Achmad Sa’ad is welcomed as a guest for the month of Ramadan
9th September : a Name-Giving Ceremony for the Masjid & Madrassa is held.
2019 3rd March : a Family Day is held
1st December: AGM is held
2020 18th March : Masjid is completely closed because of Covid19 pandemic
21st August : (1st Muharram 1422 Masjid re-opens initially for Maghrib only
1st March: Market Day is held
11th September : First Jumuah is held
22nd November : AGM is held with election of new Exco
29th December : Masjid completely closed again as second wave of C19 hits CT
2021 5th Feb : Masjid re-opens for Maghrib only
19th Feb : first Jumuah held
27th March : Major fundraising “Braai & Cake Drive-thru” is held by Social Outreach
10th April : Ahmad & wife Farida moves into brand-new Caretaker Quarters
14th April: Ramadan commences, Tarawih performed with C19 protocols in place
1st May: Food sales Drive-Thru fundraiser held by Social Outreach Subco.
28th June : Masjid closes on Presidential degree as 3rd Covid wave hits SA
26th July : Masjid re-opens with strict Covid protocols in place
18th Oct : Mouloud-un-Nabi
24th Oct ; AGM held
31st Oct : First ever “Rampies-sny” event held with beautiful video recorded
2022 6th March : Annual Family/Market Day held
2nd April : Ramadan commences
3rd May : Eidul Fitr
23rd June : All Covid protocols abolished
10th July : Eidul-Adha
8th Aug : first 10th of Muharram programme held
24th Aug : first GBV Seminar/Social Outreach fundraiser held

Construction of the Masjid