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Philosophy of Madrassutur-Raudah


From its inception, PMA philosophy has been based on the belief that the Muslim child must grow and develop into a well-rounded, socially successful, spiritual, human being and should be inspired to freely explore the harmony between creation and the Creator with the guidance of dedicated Muslim educators and administrators. It is this balance of intellect and spirit that the PMA curriculum seeks to achieve, to educate our kids in religious instruction.
The PMA Exco made its top priority to seek and hire qualified educators who demonstrate a commitment to the values and practice of Islam. It is a fruitless endeavor to educate children according to standards and values that are not adhered to by the role models in their lives, both at home and at madrassa.
PMA meets the crucial challenge of stimulating the minds of Muslim boys and girls, safeguarding their innocence at a time where many societies had lost their moral compass, preserving the Islamic cultural heritage and practices of their fore bearers while preparing them for meaningful roles in our society.
PMA Exco and Administrators, feel strongly that it is the duty of parents to give their children the opportunity for growth in a safe and secure environment, as means of spiritual and moral enlightenment according to the Qur’an and the model of the Prophet (May Allah peace be upon him). It is this experience that will prepare these children to lead wholesome, productive lives in the world at large.

The following are madrassa-wide objectives that we continuously strive to achieve with our learners:
– To teach the love for Islam, and to teach learners to follow the teachings of Qur’an and the Sunnah by example and through Islamic studies.
– To teach our learners social awareness and responsibility through involvement in community causes.

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