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Declaration of Faith (Shahaadah)

One of the five “pillars of Islam” is the declaration of faith, known as the shahaadah. Everything in the life of a Muslim rests upon a foundation of faith, and the shahaadah sums up the essence of the entire faith in one sentence. A person who understands this declaration, recites it with sincerity, and lives according to its teachings is a Muslim. It is what identifies or distinguishes a Muslim at the most fundamental level. Shahaadah is alternatively known as the “testimony of faith” or kalimah (the word or declaration).
The meaning in English is: I bear witness that there is no diety except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.
The shahaadah is usually recited in Arabic: Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha il Allah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammad ar-Rasuul Allah.

Click the image above or the link below to download the Declaration of Faith form.

Yearly Plans
Educators are to prepare a general yearly plan for each subject taught (term planner).
Approximate time periods for major units should be projected.

Report Cards
Learners receive a report card every semester (2 times in a year).

All learner textbooks are the property of the learner when it is fully paid for. Proper treatment is expected. Damaged or lost books can be replaced at the expense of the parents.

One of the main functions of the madrassa is to disseminate the teachings of Islam, and the madrassa has always been mindful of the fact that a properly equipped Lending Library would facilitate the attainment of this noble objective.
The library is open for lending Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, Make use of this valuable resource.

Parent Contact
Parents will be communicated with via the learner’s message book and or every Educator must set up a communication channel with the parents in order to communicate homework, notices etc. This is done on Whatsapp.

Madrassa Programme
The Madrassa is a vital educational service offered to the community and is committed to providing a high-quality service to the educators, parents and learners of the Madrassa. Our aim is to provide them with the basic and most relevant Islamic education possible – an education that is both meaningful, functional and that meets the challenges of our contemporary society.

We offer a classes during the week in the afternoons and Friday afternoons, but the majority of learners attend the Saturday morning classes.
Classes are held:
Weekday Class (Mon-Thu 14:45-15:45) Grades 1 only
Weekday Class (Mon-Thu 15:45-17:00) Grades 2 – 6
Saturday Class (8:30-13.00) Grades 3 and 7 only
Saturday Class (8:30-12:30) Grades 1 and 2 only
Friday Class Senior Phase: Grades 8 – 10 from 15:30 till Maghrib
Friday Class Young adults: Grades 11 – 12 from 15:30 till Maghrib

Form Cohorts
Foundation Phase: Forms 1 – 3
Intermediate Phase: Forms 4 – 7
Senior Phase: Forms 8-10
Young adults: Forms 11 – 12

Note that the Madrassa form does not necessarily correlate to a learner’s school grade. New learners entering the Madrassa will be assessed and placed in the grade most appropriate to his/her Madrassa knowledge and preparation. In these cases, parents will be expected to assist in ensuring that the learner catches up with his/her respective form cohort.

2024 School Terms

First Term 17 January – 20 March 2024

Second Term 3 April – 14 June 2024

Third Term 9 July – 20 September 2024

Fourth Term 1 October – 11 December

Note: Learners accepted into the Grade 1 class at the Madrasa must be a minimum of 6 years old.

Key Madrassa Learning Goals
• Qurān reading
o Learners should be able to recite the Holy Quran with all Tajweed rules
o As far as possible from memory.
• Fiqh – Learners will learn Islamic essentials such wudu, salah, zakah, fasting, hadj, cleanliness etc.
• Tawhid – Learners will learn how to know Allah Almighty
• Moral Training – Learners will learn Islamic ethics and behaviour
• History – deals with lessons learnt with regards to the lives of the Sahaba (RAH)

Stationery Requirements
Forms 1 – 3
• Any Islamic Storybook – Form 1 only
• Roll up crayons – Forms 1 and 2
• A4 & A5 hard cover book
• 10 pg. & 30 pg. flip file
• Pencils, eraser, barrel sharpener, ruler and pritt

Forms 4 – 8
• A5 hard cover book
• 30 pg. flip file
• Pencils, eraser, barrel sharpener, ruler
• Pritt
• Highlighters
• Exam pad

Forms 9 – 12
• 1 x 4 Quire hard cover book
• 30 pg. flip file

• The madrassa uses continuous assessment, which means that all class tests, projects, homework and practicals are taken into account
• Foundation phase: No formal exam
• Intermediate & Senior groups: Formal exam in October

Two report cards are issued per year, in June and December.
PTA Meetings
Two PTA meetings are held each year. The first one in February and the second in August. Parents will be informed closer to the time.

Parental Involvement
Opportunities are created for parents to meet with teachers to discuss the progress of their children. Please make use of these scheduled meetings. Parents wishing to discuss any matter outside of these times should do so either before Madrassa starts in the morning or after Madrassa closes in the afternoon. Please do not meet with teachers during their class teaching time.
A tremendous responsibility rests with parents to ensure that learners do the necessary assigned work during the week, especially since the Madrassa is held only once a week. Learners who do not work consistently during the week progress very slowly and should spend at least 15–20 minutes daily with their homework.
Tuck Shop
We request that you please supply sufficient healthy food and drink for break time. Healthy food is encouraged such as fresh or dried fruit, yoghurts, water, fruit juice. The tuck shop is operational on the Madrassa premises on a Saturday only.

Queries / Suggestions
If you have any financial, administrative, teacher or syllabus queries / suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Madrassa. We can only offer a high quality service if all parties are actively involved. Wishing you all a blessed year ahead, Insha-Allah.

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