Tuition Fees

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Tuition Fees 2024

Thank you for your unwavering support during the year 2023.
Essentially, the tuition fees for 2024 will be adjusted accordingly to the table below. The adjustment is effective 1 January 2024. Please note that fees are charged monthly effective 1 January, are set out in the table below;

Number of children per family (monthly fee per child)

1  – R340

2 – R580

3 – R800

4 – R980

Please note that all Madrassa Fees to be settled by end November 2023.

In addition, a pre-deposit upfront R150 learner registration levy per learner will be charged covering costs of stationery, photocopying, worksheets, reports and files. Please note this does not include textbooks and excludes lost content which will be charged separately.
Fees are calculated in advance with statements issued within 2 weeks of the new month. Please ensure that fees are paid so that we can maintain a positive cash flow and thereby meet all our financial obligations. The Madrassa requests that parents please notify accordingly should learners be withdrawn during the course of the year. Parents will not be liable for cancellation fees after the date of withdrawal.

Our preference is that parents make payments via EFT, using the Account Name reflected on the statement received. Please insist on a receipt for all cash payments made.

Bank Account Details
Account Name: PMA Madrassah
Bank: ABSA
Branch: 632005
Account no. : 932 623 4706
Account Name: PMA Madrassah
Reference: supplied with statement

All of this will be reflected on a monthly statement which you will receive via email. Also, on this statement is a reference number that can also be used when making the EFT payment.